Hungund Entertainment & Event Pvt. Ltd. is solely dedicated to “Dubai Festival in Mumbai” with a noble motive to boost and promote Dubai Tourism in Mumbai.

‘Dubai Festival in Mumbai’ is focused to create eagerness and is to brew the Emirates way of life by blending the elegant culture of Arab (DUBAI) and the DUBAI Trends in the heart of India through an exclusive grand trade festival.

Hungund Entertainment & Events Pvt. Ltd. aims to give EXPO 2020 feel and experience to the maximum city ‘MUMBAI’ that brings an experiential celebration to all strata of classes and mass.

Hungund Entertainment & Events Pvt. Ltd. initiative is to build a multi-dimension platform for Festival-Exhibition-Culture-Commerce under one roof. This would be the first ever event in the history which is set to create a milestone.

Hungund Entertainment & Events Pvt. Ltd. is the protégé of a 25 years old company Mark Interiors that came into existence in 1988, which has been successfully delivering most prestigious projects Pan-India in the ancillary sector of real estate development that is micro-infrastructure, fabrication, glazing until the execution.

Today, Hungund Entertainment & Events Pvt. Ltd. is backed by their group of companies, which is growing leaps and bounds. Followed by their success, the Company tree grew more giving life to vital grassroots &our sister companies: Saarah Construction, Limraa Glasfab, Maaviya Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Safwan Design & Constructions Engineers.

They boast of clientele ranging from Government institutions, Private Groups, Hospitality, Banks and International Companies foraying into the Indian Market.

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